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Keep on Truckin...

What does it mean that so many truckers are on the road in Canada? That they are heading for the capital and I mean tens of thousands of them. Well I look at it in the most positive light. People are uniting and finding their inner love and light. They are rediscovering their own power and that they are the change we want to see in the world.

We are living in a time when we all need to make a decision individually and ask ourselves who we want to be and what world we want to leave to our children. That question as never been more important then now since the changes, that the clown show would love to implement, would not be easily reversed . I believe that is the reason why so many people are now catching on and are in the streets.

In Europe there are millions in the street EVERY SINGLE DAY, normal people, everyday people with no other goal then to keep their freedom of choice. The same is true for people in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand, in Bolivia, in Poland, in Finland, in Sweden....

The list is starting to be endless!!! Whether people chose to take the genetic therapy or not, doesn't even matter anymore, but people are being tired of being treated like 5 year old kids with no say in their lives. THAT is why people are uniting like never before and standing up to the ones believing they are gods when in reality they are clowns! They are wearing a happy mask but underneath they are sad characters with empty lives. They are so poor that all they have is money but there is no amount of money that will fill their empty hearts.

Eventually somebody will let them in on the secret... come closer, here it is: Relationships with loving people make for a happy life, not money!!! Doing things for other people to add to their happiness makes for a happy life, not stealing from them and trying to destroy them. When they realize that they are doing all those horrible things to themselves in the end, that is when they will change. The karma cam is always on, so lets pray for their enlightenment and see them as the sick people that they are. Lets not extinguish the lights in our heart with hatred and fear. Love is all around us and the saying that WE ARE ONE has never been more in our reach then it is right now!!! Love and endless blessing to you all!

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Deborah Dittner
Deborah Dittner
Jan 30, 2022

It's so does not buy happiness. Our community filled with love, freedom of choice and kindness for all is what the world is craving right now and we are the light guiding toward oneness.


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