Pain Comes In Many Forms, But So Does HEALING

I am very sorry I missed this past Sunday's blog but I was simply in too much pain. I had an abscess tooth and if you have ever been in serious pain you know that life comes to a halt pretty quickly. This time, and I am saying that because about a year and a half ago I had the same situation, I decided against going to the dentist to have my tooth pulled.


I realized that in the last couple months my diet wasn't that great and it being Vermont it is not the time of year to eat from the garden. So when my tooth started to act up I started my regiment of highly mineralizing my body again with TONS OF GREENS, supplements, organic teas.

I am still a little sore but mostly from stuffing fresh turmeric, garlic and oregano oil into my gums to get the infection in my tooth on the fast tract to healing. My sister Betsy can tell you all about the pain from that but it does help.

I wanted to tell you about this experience because in the Church of the Raging Light we believe that the body is incredibly powerful and with the help of god being in every plant present in nature we just need to find the right tools assist our body in healing itself. That is true on a small scale as well as on a bigger scale. Many people have healed themselves from terminal illnesses where doctors had given up.

When our body become out of balance it will manifest in different parts of it. In my case it was a tooth, other people might get a cold or pain in their legs. However once we find the source of our discomfort we can bring ourself back into balance and healing can start.

That is also true for mental and emotional imbalance!

If we are mentally or emotionally out of balance we can also get sick in our body as well as our mind. The two are inseparable and only in the western world to we think they have nothing in common. How silly. Everybody who was ever really stressed can tell that they had a headache or a stomach ache. But it goes much deeper than that.

Meditation, prayer, grounding in nature, cold water immersion, those are all ways to keep the body, mind and soul healthy. YES COLD WATER! I will get into that some other time.

In the meantime my friends, eat organic, sleep well and calm your mind! I love you all dearly Claudia

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