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Break FREE

Have you ever thought about WHY you are doing the things you are doing or WHY you are thinking the way you do?

Has it been because your parents, teachers, priests, or other authoritative figures told you so?

Well those days are over.

You are your own master and guided only by your inner intuition.

When I started this journey in earnest, I took a lot of deep breaths and looked at every aspect of my life with the question, is this really something that is for making me the most loving being I can be and many times the answer was NO. It was merely my programming by society.

For example: My mother always instilled the believe in me, that it is of the upmost importance that I have a good paying job and that I work there most of my life. To me that sounded like hell on earth and so I started my first business when I was 7, baking rum cakes for the teenage boys in the village (until my mother couldn't find her baking rum anymore and found out what I had done. That was when my first business failed).

Hey I hadn't heard about right livelihood yet at the time...

So most of my life I have had my own businesses and simply for the reason that scheduling my own time is most important to me. Also knowing that I would work more hours than in any job.

Go through all your believes and take time to contemplate.

Believes around money, relationships, children, friendship, kindness, love, shame, guilt, joy, sex...

What are your believes and are they REALLY yours?

How do you know what is right for you? You will have to learn to reconnect with your intuition. It will never guide you wrong, however you need to learn to be still enough and connected enough to the source of all living things to actually hear it. I am not telling you to meditate, but I am telling you that for me spending time with my god/nature and have my bare feet on the ground changes everything. To be silent in the wood or out in the meadow, just letting my thoughts come in and not worrying about judgement, is making it clear to me what works to make me loving. And believe me I have to work on it every single day and the challenges never stop coming.

You will easily know what is coming from inside you and your source, because it will always make you smile inside your heart. When you find YOUR path you will know because it brings you JOY! Synchronicities will start happening and you will see the path more clearly every day.

But that is for another blog...

Have a blessed and loving day

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Born and raised in Germany yet I have made the USA my home since September of 1992. I live in Vermont with the most wonderful man, my husband Erhard, who is also a Trustee of the Church of the Raging Light, and our many rescue animals. 
Love and Nature are our guiding lights and we can see god in all living beings.

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