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Sorry for the break!

I want to start with an apology for the lack of posts in the recent weeks. Like many of you know, sometimes life is just too busy and overwhelming. We lost our beautiful Maya, a german shepherd that I rescued 8 years ago from a very sad situation and she was my constant companion and trusted friend. She loved Erhard and he said he had never seen a dog that tuned in (His family used to breed german shepherds for police work and train them).

Just like us humans, the animals that had the hardest lives are sometimes the most intuitive and amazing. Hardship can break us (although I believe that god doesn't give us challenges that we can't handle), but it can also transform us. Sometimes I think hardship is like the wind for plants. Plants that only grow in a greenhouse look great but are not very strong. You take plants grown outdoors, exposed to wind and storm and they are nearly invincible. So are we!

With every storm we gain strength and resilience. We gain experience and become lions in the face of adversity.

We have gone through a storm the last 2 years more then ever before. There were intense gusts and lots of rain. I believe there are more storms ahead of us and that we are able to weather them. We have the tools in our tool box already and our tools are many. From friendships to family, from gardens to pantries, from community to our animals. We also have knowledge now but more importantly we have wisdom that we have gained. We have intuition again and foresight. We have learned to trust our inner voice again and to trust that somebody is out there watching over us all.

It is my firm believe that we are in a time of great change FOR THE BETTER! Yes I also believe that we have to weather the storm first but we shouldn't forget that there is SUNSHINE after the rain. Together we can look back at this coming time and know that it was worth it.

You chose to be here for all of it and you are here to ring in the new age of LOVE!

Blessings and LOVE to each of you! Claudia

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Deborah Dittner
Deborah Dittner
27 Mar 2022

Sometimes a break is a necessity. Losing a special fur baby (and I know all too well) is difficult and takes time to move forward and get past the storm which has been occurring on a variety of levels. I frequently say "one day at a time" and we shall become stronger and move forward. Sometimes it doesn't seem to be quick enough for us but "patience is a virtue" they say. I believe our community will assist each and every one of us. Providing support and strength, love and hugs, will cause the sun to shine even brighter and lead us to a better tomorrow.


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Love and Nature are our guiding lights and we can see god in all living beings.

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