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The Great Reset (Love Style)

We all know that there is a great reset coming. Klaus Schwab and his minions have one idea but we have a different one! Today's blog is all about the vision I have for the future and it would be amazing if you added your visions to it as well. There are so many wonderful changes that are on the horizon and the clearer the picture becomes in our minds the more vivid we will create that in our lives.

I am making this list in no particular order, just as it comes to mind:

  • Kids are outside playing all day with each other, no computer access until they are at least 16 if we even have computers at all.

  • Instead of medications we have herbs and natural cures

  • everybody spends lots of time in nature

  • there are no chemtrails

  • only organic fertilizers are being used on the fields and in the gardens

  • we exchange freely with each other and barter

  • everybody will have a nice piece of land to live on

  • people are growing gardens again to eat as fresh and nutritious as possible

  • families and friends are cooking meals together again

  • travel is easy because we won't need visas or passports to go places

  • hunger has been eradicated and there is plenty of food for all people

  • there are no wars

  • people have found their spirituality again and understand that they are part of the whole

  • hospitals are only needed for emergency care in case of accidents

  • love is our guiding light and not fear

  • animals are our friends and we treat them as such

  • plastics are replaced with natural materials made for example from mushrooms

  • there is no more military because humans have finally learned that there are no enemies

  • when people are violent or distraught we hold them dear and understand that it comes from fear

Please add to this list and let us form that beautiful picture!

There is a whole world waiting for us on the other side of fear and it is more amazing then any of us can even imagine! It is so filled with love and light that even the darkest person can not stay in the darkness. So bright that even people like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates get illuminated (sorry can't think of a better word) and swept out of the darkness.

Remember that the people trying to control EVERYTHING are filled with fear. They are desperate for love and kindness and have most likely never experienced either. We can chose to hate them or we can flood them with kindness and love.

Be the change you want to see in the world and lets reset that world in our image!

Lots of love and light and all the blessings in the world to you beautiful and amazing beings of change!

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1 commentaire

Deborah Dittner
Deborah Dittner
06 févr. 2022

Beautiful! Positivity creates more positivity and we need to remain positive to bring forth that which is needed in this world. Love thy neighbor and help those in need whenever possible. ❤️


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