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Freedom Convoy For Love And Light

Almost every day we are watching footage from the freedom convoy in Canada and it brings tears to my eyes on a daily basis.

Tears of Joy!

It touches me so deeply of all the obvious reasons, like people standing up for their medical freedoms and for their right to chose what is best for them and their families but also for so many other reasons. Reasons that got clear years ago when indigenous people stood up in North Dakota against a pipeline that was proposed. First it was just the indigenous but soon they got reinforcements from other people, people from all walks of life that stood with them for the protection of the land against big corporations.

Now we are back in the same boat. The people are uniting against the greed and corruption of big corporations again. They are finding each other and walking in unison in the same direction.

The part that touches me the most is the instant building of community! The camaraderie and friendships that are being forged. Connections that will last a lifetime because they are not superficial but based in a deep knowing of the truth that binds them and us together. They are feeding the homeless, people are bringing in gas in canisters even though the police told them not to, kids playing in the streets with each other, WITHOUT masks, SMILING from ear to ear. Other people are starting soup kitchens for all the truckers and their families and feeding everybody. Millions of people donated already to make sure the funds are there to keep going.

People who were in North Dakota said that despite the physical hardships, like -20 degree weather and sleeping in tents, they were never happier in their lives. Many felt community for the first time and the value was immeasurable. The same thing is happening in Ottawa right now and that is the reason why we will win this battle for freedom and love. It is the very spark that was needed to ignite the fire that is still inside all of us to find what is truly important and what actually drives us to new heights.

The other side doesn't understand what they are up against. They don't understand love and community because they never had either. They have money and so called power, but power over what??? Certainly NOT over the hearts of people and that is the deciding factor in all of this. The HEART!

People aren't out there in the freezing cold, sleeping in trucks because of money or power. If it would be about that, the streets would be empty. Instead they are filled with people celebrating LIFE and showing what it truly means to be human and humane.

The clown show is losing their grip very fast and their only resource would be to incite violence or force but neither will be successful since we the people are on to their games. They might try some false flag event or start some strange war to divert from this amazing movement but even that will not succeed. They will fail and they will fall.

We the people are now aware and no matter what they throw at us, we will know that it is just another fake and phony attempt to divide us. It will not work and the ones that usually have done their bidding are fed up as well. The police is starting to switch sides (many calling in sick) and the tow truck companies are not complying either. Of course they are switch sides since they all want to be part of this light that is shining so brightly and is contagious.

Love and Light are what drives this world to new heights and to the place that we all long for. It is helping us to create the world that is already in existence in our hearts and we all just need to walk each other home...

Lot of love and blessings to all of you but especially to the brave souls that are speaking for all our hearts.

Our hearts are in Canada!

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