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Can you learn to dance in the rain?

My grandfather used to say 'you are not made out of powdered sugar, so you won't need an umbrella' and you know what, he was right. I have never owned an umbrella and now being in my 50s I have a feeling I never will.

So what will you do when the storms are rolling in?

That is a very important question on a physical as well as spiritual level. Because 2 things are for certain. The storm clouds, however manufactured they might be, will eventually be rolling in, BUT there is always sunshine after the rain. It is easy to forget that, when we are in the midst of a terrible storm with all the fixings of thunder and lightning. Many times the thunder and lightning comes in the form of incredibly annoying people or not having money to pay rent or the mortgage. Other times the storm is inside of us and we are our worst enemy. There are many faces the storm can have but NEVER FORGET that there will inevitably be SUNSHINE again!

Some of mantras I have learned along the way to deal with the clouds in life:

1. This too will pass!

2. If you play with pigs you are going to get dirty (sadly on my judgmental days it is all I can muster up)

3. They are also just humans trying to do their best (on my better days)

4. There is a very important lesson here for me to get (yes I also have those days:)

5. Well Karma is alive and well.

6. There is a kind soul inside this temporary demon across from me!

Number 4 is definitely my favorite but the hardest one to get to sometimes.

Just make sure you never forget to dance in the rain because if you listen closely you will ALWAYS hear the music inside your heart!

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Glenda Collier
Glenda Collier
Aug 23, 2021

"Every cloud has a silver lining."


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