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Creating Cabin Life

I have loved log cabins since I have heard that they exist. For me they were always the quintessential American dream, the epitome of living off the land and pioneer living. Over the last 18 years I have built 3 and it was such a wonderful experience that I really want to share that with you. Erhard and I are in the process of building a new homestead and sanctuary for our animals from the ground up and we started a youtube channel for it. People get so discouraged to ever own a home or some land but you don't have to be. We are building a home for the price that most people pay for a new midsize car and all it takes is courage and elbow grease.

We want to take you along on our journey and show you some tricks but also inspire you to do it as well. We can live a life of possibility or a life of limitations, the choice is entirely yours.

Right now during this time where many people are devastated and don't know how to continue, there are also so many people who are thriving and starting a completely new life, a life of inspiration!

They couldn’t go to the pool, so the people met and swam in the ocean and lakes, and built saunas together.

They couldn’t go to restaurants so the people had dinner parties and potlucks.

They couldn’t go to clubs so the people had epic dance parties.

They couldn’t send their kids to school without masks, so they homeschooled them.

They couldn’t go to the gym so the people ran up mountains, lifted rocks, chopped firewood, trained in each others’ garages.

They couldn’t go to grocery stores so they gathered Wild Herbs and farmed.

They couldn’t go to sports events so they created their own.

They were told they couldn’t travel but found ways.

They lost their jobs so they created and found new ones that were more aligned with their values.

They lost friends and family but found newer, greater true connections-and built community.

Everything that’s happening is totally insane, and inhumane.

But they never felt oppressed.

In fact, freer than ever.

What we build now is the future.

I wouldn’t miss this era for anything.

The Sovereign awaken.~~

~author ???

Lets live a life worth living and inspire each other every day!!! Hopefully we will see you at our new channel "Creating Cabin Life"

Lots of Love and Blessings Claudia

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Born and raised in Germany yet I have made the USA my home since September of 1992. I live in Vermont with the most wonderful man, my husband Erhard, who is also a Trustee of the Church of the Raging Light, and our many rescue animals. 
Love and Nature are our guiding lights and we can see god in all living beings.

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