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Feeling Hopeless/Helpless? Is There Anything YOU Can Do?

The biggest trick that has been played on us, is to convince us that we are powerless! Now I know you have heard that before but truly have you ever thought about it in detail? We are constantly bombarded with not being enough. Not pretty enough, not rich enough, not smart enough... blah blah blah...BULLSHIT!!! You were born a spiritual powerhouse. A creator and co-creator, a wizard and a witch and a fairy who can make wishes and dreams come true. You were built that way, it's not an add-on you need to install later. As a matter of fact, you were born with the ability to create your life and instead of creating a work of art and beauty, most a creating a place of despair and sorrow. Why is that? I believe it is because already in the cradle we see lack instead of abundance. Most of us have parents, teachers, bosses, priests, governments who want to tell us that life is hard and unforgiving. Life is difficult and bad things happen to good people. That is the tape that is playing incessantly for us day in and day out.

I am telling you it is a LIE!


Every single person who is reading this has had magical experiences. From the phone call of a person you JUST thought about, to saying the same thing at the same time with another person, to thinking a thought and a little while later it happened. YOU DID THAT!

The universe/goddess/creator will bring you whatever to put your focus towards. Good or bad it will not differentiate. It is up to YOU!

Here is one of my favorite stories:

A man is at the gate of a new city, he is moving to and there is a sage.

He says to the sage: how are the people in this city?

The sage says: Well how were the people in the city you come from?

To which the man answers: Not great, all a bunch of asses. The sage sighs and says: I hate to tell you but it isn't any better here!

A couple days later another man comes by and is also moving to this city and he also asks the sage about the people.

Sage again asks: How were the people in the city you come from?

The man responds: They were wonderful, I hated to leave, they were all so loving and kind.

The Sage replies: Well you are in luck, it is the same thing here!

YOU create YOUR reality! I used to walk through life always expecting something bad and it was exactly what I got. All my nightmares and all the ones I hadn't thought of yet, came true. When I hit rock bottom I realized I needed to change something and the common denominator in all of it (called my life), was I. I was the one always on the scene of the crime, nobody else was!

My focus change and I would force myself to look at the glass half FULL instead of half empty. Good things started to happen! I started also to quiet my mind and listen to that inner voice some call intuition. I started to listen to my heart instead of my head, even if it wouldn't make any sense in the moment. I started to focus on JOY!

Life started to become MAGICAL. Not always but more and more every day. And the better it became, the more I loved it. The more I loved it the more magical it became!

Life is a spiral and you can make it go up or down, the choice is yours!!!

I would love for each and every one of you to practice for one week to when in doubt, say YES! Say yes to life. When fear creeps in, shift your focus or watch a funny movie if nothing else helps.

When you feel sorry for yourself, write down 3 things you are grateful for.

When you are angry, close your eyes and breath deeply 10 times, counting to 4 on the in-breath and to 6 on the out-breath.

Shift your focus and life will shift with you! You have nothing to lose, right? BUT so much to gain!!! It would make it immensely happy if you guys would right in the comments all the good things that will happen to you in the next week, boy what a manifestation fest we are having ahead of us and don't forget, when in doubt, SAY YES to life!!!

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Kathleen Gallagher
Kathleen Gallagher
Sep 26, 2021

In my younger years, I tended to feel sorry for myself a lot and would say things like, "If only this.." or "If only that..." Many years ago, I decided to focus on the good in my life, and there was a lot! The more I did that, the more seemed to appear. I appreciate this blog post and The Church of the Raging Light. May you thrive. As for mentioning what good things will happen this week, I'm not really sure! Nevertheless, I wish everyone a good week ahead.


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