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Love Knows Love

Love knows love - period! The forces of darkness do not even understand love and do not seek it. No matter their lifestyle, charisma or the power and fame they claim, they live in their own self-created "hell," as hell is defined as a world without love.

Knowing nothing of love, they create chaos and suffering in their lives and in the lives of those they touch. Little or no light penetrates into their world.

These people have an internal decency that we sense but it is not yet developed to the point that it dominates all their decision making. If it clashes with their well-defined ego goals, it is sublimated to them. It's a slippery slope from there that few recover from.

However, true "alchemy" - by allowing the darkness to be revealed - can transform what others intended for selfish purposes into serving light and love. Efforts of many have exposed the darkness within our national political and corporate leadership so that it now can be healed.

A love-based world is emerging through the collapse of the old fear-based paradigm. Divine guidance and assistance is - and always has been - available in our efforts to birth this new Reality as it is our Creators will that Her children remember their own Divinity. Millions sense it and many are working full-time as "midwives." Join us!

Guest post by my dear friend and author

Robert Roskind

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Deborah Dittner
Deborah Dittner
Sep 01, 2021

"Love is all we need" ~Beatles. Love knows no boundaries and we need to continue to expand upon the love we all share to each other.


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