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Money, money, money

Money is a slippery thing. The buddhists talk about "right livelihood" but what exactly does that mean in today's world. Are nurses making a right livelihood, doctors, lawyers, bartenders, carpenters...? Is the way we make money really that important, or is it just simply a means to an end? We all need to eat and have a roof over our heads. I believe it is immensely important to make your living in a way that won't hurt others and preferably help individuals and our planet as a whole. Something that brings our vibration more in tune with our innermost being. Something that FEELS RIGHT inside our hearts. There are many jobs or businesses that fulfill this requirement for us. But we have to be very discerning! What if a nurse gives shots to kids that she has heard could possibly injure them? Is that still doing the right thing? Is it ok to give the shot after telling the parents that it might cause injuries? Or should she quit her job and not ever give another jab? The answer isn't easy. Or what about the bartender who keeps serving liquor to an alcoholic? What about the lawyer who is defending a murderer? What about a cleaning lady, can she do anything wrong or is she always making a "right livelihood"?

When it feels wrong inside your heart, don't do it!!! Will it make you feel shame later on? Will you at the end of the day have a smile on your face and more importantly in your heart? Have you lived the day thinking about the money you will make, or have you thought about how great the day was and what wonderful experiences you have had?

Money is a placeholder for whatever you want it to be. Clothes, food, cars, rent, safety or maybe even FREEDOM. If it becomes more for you then just something you use, if it starts occupying your thoughts all the time, if you can't get enough of it and you already have more then you need for basics, THEN you are making money your god and not just a tool.

Don't chase money or your heart will never know fullness. Chase kindness, love and smiles and your heart runneth over!

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Born and raised in Germany yet I have made the USA my home since September of 1992. I live in Vermont with the most wonderful man, my husband Erhard, who is also a Trustee of the Church of the Raging Light, and our many rescue animals. 
Love and Nature are our guiding lights and we can see god in all living beings.

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