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The Storm Before The Calm

We are living in a time of great change and with it comes the storm. Have you ever sat outside on a sunny day and all of a sudden you can almost smell the change of the weather? The sky is getting a little darker and the wind is picking up a little. That is when I start to get busy! Put in the lawn chairs, tie down some stuff, close the windows...

Right now we are in the smelling the storm phase. So lets get busy. Stock up on some food, get matches, extra batteries, maybe fill up the gas tank, make some tinctures or buy some, stock up on anything that could be vital for the coming months. Firewood, oil, etc.

Get busy prepping for the storm.

I myself think it will be a short but maybe furious storm but I have known to be wrong. The tide is definitely turning and things will be in disarray for a little while. It is like cleaning the house in spring. You pull everything out of the closets and drawers, everything gets cleaned and there is stuff EVERYTWHERE! What a mess, but after you are done, it looks amazing!

Right now in this moment in time we are pulling everything out of all the closets, there are so many cobwebs all over the truth and it is way past time to get the shit cleaned out!

Don't be afraid! This too shall pass and when it has, we are initiating the Golden Age, the Age of Love and Truth.

We are here because we chose to be and we were called to be here. We are here because we have the strength to weather this storm and the love and compassion to usher in the new time we are heading towards. I feel proud and privileged to be here with you all and I can't wait to celebrate all the wonderful things to come.

We truly got this!

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3 comentarios

20 sept 2021

The storm is coming fast and furious the SWHTF. I’m trying to brace myself and kids for the storm of our life time Thank you Claudia my prayers are alway with you and your family

Me gusta

19 sept 2021

TY for sharing your message of hope~We have nothing to fear BUT fear itself!😍

Me gusta

kelly everett
kelly everett
19 sept 2021

Thanks for this message today. 🥰

Me gusta

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Love and Nature are our guiding lights and we can see god in all living beings.

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