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Two Windows by Benny Wills

"Two Windows" - a poem

Two windows made of glass

One is black

One is clear

One window shows me elsewhere

The other shows me here

One window illuminates a world seemingly gone mad

Spectacles of hatred and everything that’s bad

The other instills calmness with clouds up in the sky

Green grass with dandelions and songbirds flying by

The first window is bright but the light is artificial

The second one is lit by none other than the sun

The first window is selling things and telling me they’re beneficial

Window two has far less for sale than does window one

The first window shows me people who lie and steal and cheat

The second one has children riding bicycles down the street

From the first I get the notion that sex is no big deal

My wife is pregnant in the other one proving miracles are real

I see her stewarding our garden with her hands tending to the dirt

Meanwhile on the first one I see people getting hurt

The first window has programs and channels to peruse

And lots of lots of opinions masquerading as the news

Information from the second indicates that there’s a breeze

By the leaves there gently swaying on the branches of my trees

Window one I gaze straight into

Window two I look right through

Window one is done with a button

Two turns on with each new dawn to start the day anew

Oh what would be if window one were here no more

Would stories revert to verbal like they were in days of yore?

Would the pace of life slow down, would attention spans increase?

And what about the rate of crimes, would their quantity decrease?

Perhaps that day will never come, so all I can do is ponder

While I glance outside the second one which inspires me to wander

And get to know the world I’m in, the domain in which I dwell

The one that I feel warmth in, the one that I can smell

Window one can be fun but it also likes to steal

My time and my emotions and my sense of what is real

Window two is just a window and it’s clearer when it’s clean

Better to fix one’s eyes on nature than to fixate on the screen

~Benny Wills, Stand-Up Poet

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Silviya Carbajal
Silviya Carbajal
Sep 16, 2021

So true ❤


Sep 15, 2021

Thank you Claudia


Sep 15, 2021

💜 the poem!!!! Thanks for sharing Claudia!


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