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What is Nature?

It is such a vast question and there are many right answers. Yet it is very simple to us, nature is everything that surrounds us and is a living being. God is present in all of it and vividly with us in every plant, every animal and even every rock.

The chirp of a bird, the crying of a little lamb, the rustling of leaves in the trees, a thunder, a flash, a cloud floating by. The growing of a seed to become a cucumber, a pecan becoming a huge tree, a mushroom popping out of the ground, connected with millions of miles of mycelium to all life.

Nature is the expression of love in action, it is an expression of god in action and as unbelievably lucky as we are, we are a part of it. We are one of so very many expressions of LOVE, GOD and NATURE and we have the good grace to be able to be aware of it. Let us not squander this amazing gift we have and make every day a day that counts!

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Born and raised in Germany yet I have made the USA my home since September of 1992. I live in Vermont with the most wonderful man, my husband Erhard, who is also a Trustee of the Church of the Raging Light, and our many rescue animals. 
Love and Nature are our guiding lights and we can see god in all living beings.

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